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I am truly blessed.

I am now 10 years out from a diagnosis of breast cancer. I’m sure the devil intended for my death, but through that trial, I truly discovered the mighty power of the Lord God.

Honestly, it was a gradual discovery, but it began with a desire to be rescued from the immense pain and discomfort I found myself in. And I want you to know that God is there for you too. In whatever situation you find yourself.

The key to hearing from God is a desire to hear from him. You must turn off the voices of everything else. Having a true desire to know God’s intent for your life takes work.

Turn off the TV, shut down Facebook, close your desperate Google searches, and burn that doctor’s report.

Proverbs 4:20-22 says “My child, pay attention to what I say. Listen carefully to my words. Don’t lose sight of them. Let them penetrate deep into your heart, for they bring life to those who find them, and healing to their whole body.”

Many people become proud of their illness. They speak of it as if it’s a gift from God. That it’s who God created them to be. But God’s true desire for his children is complete health and full restoration.

John 10:10 clearly states that the devil is the author of whatever is trying to destroy you. Stop glorifying his work! God wants to hear you speak faith over your life. He wants you to glorify His work in your life.

Stop and imagine for a minute that you are completely healthy. Imagine no more medication or appointments. Do you think God designed the world anticipating his very own creation glorifying their need for the medical system over him? I don’t think so.

Whenever the Israelite nation looked to anything other than Him, he was sorely disappointed in them!

I challenge you to ask the Lord for wisdom and clarity around what may ail you. Ask the Lord what he would have you do. He desires for you to be free from that thing. Ask Him to show you the way and don’t quit asking! Expect the goodness of God. Expect a miracle.

In Mark 16:15-18, God calls us to carry on the very work of Jesus, laying our hands on the sick to see them recover. Don’t you think he desires for you to be well to do that?

Read Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John. Familiarize yourself with the character of Jesus. John 1 clearly states that Jesus himself is the living word and in Matthew 24:35 that his word never disappears. And in Hebrews 13:8, Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today, and forever! Which means, the word that touts Jesus’ accomplishments and miracles is the same living word on the inside of you. If he healed everyone, then he’ll heal you now!

Believe him! Ask him! Thank him for doing it for you! Don’t be discouraged and don’t give up and quit! I believe he’ll do it for you just like he did it for me.

Luke 1:37 says, “For with God, nothing shall be impossible.” That includes your healing. Start believing and expecting the impossible in your own life today! You won’t be disappointed.

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1 Comment

Jan 16, 2021

Amen!!! I thank you Jesus for the healing you have already given me!

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