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Melanie Jones

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Welcome to A Greater Portion. I’m Melanie and I’m so glad you’re here. 


The idea for this site came to me a few years ago in the midst of

recovering from a long year of cancer treatments. I was beginning to

navigate the waters of what the world calls “survivorship” and I was

finding it a lonely and frustrating place to be.


One night, as I cleaned my room, a song came on the radio. I don’t

remember the actual song, but the phrase ‘A Greater Portion’ came to

me in that moment and I quickly jotted it down on a yellow sticky note

and tucked it away. Since that day, I’ve been meditating on that phrase.

I believe God was telling me that he had something greater for me;

greater than the situation I found myself in, and it was up to me to discover. 


The Bible says in John 10:10 that it is “the thief that comes to steal, kill, and

destroy, but I have come to give them life, and life more abundantly.”


If you’ve ever dealt with sickness, disease, or any kind of hardship,

you know that it doesn’t feel good. One of my favorite quotes I came

across while reading a book by T.L. Osborn went like this. It captured my

thoughts and my emotions on being sick.


“Satan is a killer; his diseases are the destroyers of life. His sicknesses are the thieves of happiness, health, money, time, and effort. Christ came to give us an abundant life in our spirits and in our bodies.”

-T.L. Osborn, One Hundred Divine Healing Facts


It’s now been 8 and a half years since I was diagnosed with breast cancer in my twenties and I know now more than ever that it is and always has been God’s design for his children to live a healthy life. It’s taken many years to get to where I am physically, spiritually, and mentally and you’ll find me sharing that process on the pages of this blog.


My passion is to teach others that they can have faith in God. That they can rely on and trust in Him for whatever they need or desire. God doesn’t want us to have a survivorship mentality. He made a way for us to overcome and live in the abundance that he offers through making Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior.


A life of abundance is fulfilling. It’s full of joy. It has vision and hope. It takes action. It meets needs. It’s compassionate. And it’s fully in love with its creator. 


About Me:

My name is Melanie and I grew up in the great state of Almost Heaven, West Virginia. I have a Bachelor’s degree in Nursing and a Master’s degree in Business. 


At 26, I was diagnosed with cancer and began my journey of physical healing and spiritual growth. I look forward to imparting what I learned to others so that they too can live with confidence in God, free of fear.


I like all things cozy. I like to linger at a table long after a meal is over. I like hot cups of coffee and long talks about the goodness of God. I like happy endings. I like seeing people live out their dreams. I love witnessing a miracle. And I love seeing people touched by the power of God. 

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