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Disease is a distraction.

Updated: Dec 5, 2019

Disease is a distraction from your divine destiny. And many people fall into it with ease. Because we are inundated with it all around us, it can seem natural that it could happen to anyone. We believe, as a society, that disease is random and possibly inevitable for us all. In a way, I fell into that belief system too.

I’m in no way condemning anyone for choosing medical treatment. I chose that path, too, at first. But there came a point, when I realized I was losing things that were near and precious to me, that I had a wakeup call. I started to understand that fighting is not only natural, it’s also supernatural. The Bible talks about fighting the good fight of faith.

In just a few months’ time, at 26, I was faced with losing my fertility, making the choice to lose my breasts, losing my hair, plagued with lymphedema, dealing with a new onset of migraines, losing mobility, losing energy, etc etc, that I came to the realization that I had to fight.

A lot of times, breast cancer awareness is represented by boxing gloves and tagged with the line “Fight like a Girl.” I totally understand fighting for your life with everything that you have in you. But there is also a God that has already fought this battle for you, with actually no need for you to fight it again.

This may be a weird concept for people to understand who haven’t been faced with a situation that makes you desperate for truth. But that’s what having cancer did to me. I became so desperate for the truth from the word of God that I began searching scriptures like never before.

I became so sick of hearing the clichés that people speak, when they can think of nothing better to say to someone in desperate need of encouragement. You know what I’m talking about…Let me give you some examples.

“It is what it is.”

“God won’t give you anything beyond what you can bear.”

“God is using this to teach you a lesson.”

“I guess this is just my lot in life.”

“God gave this to you so you can be a witness to nurses and doctors” yada yada yada

When I would hear things like these, I felt so discouraged. I wanted a good life like those around me, and to tell you the truth, cancer treatments are pure hell. There is nothing fun about them. So, I turned to the Word of God to find out the truth. I was desperate…

I want to share with you one scripture. It’s John 10:10 and it has changed my life. It says, “The thief comes to steal, to kill, and to destroy, but I have come to give you life and life more abundantly.”

That right there, in one scripture, is my God. There is nowhere in the Bible that says that Jesus put a disease on someone. He healed EVERYONE he came into contact with. Every. Single. One. That is, those that wanted it.

There’s more I will continue to talk about this month, which I’m dubbing #FaithAwareness Month. The first thing you have to believe when faced with an illness is that God wants you well. It is not his design for any of his children to be sick. It’s the devil that brings destruction. Not God. He came to give you life. An abundant life. Anything contrary to that is not God.

My challenge for you today is this: Pray and ask God for understanding in your situation. He wants you to seek him. He wants you to understand this life and why things happen the way they do. He wants you to come to him with anything you need or desire. There are so many scriptures to back that up.

And crack open your Bible. Find scriptures that pertain to your situation. They are in there. He gave us everything we need in his word for this life. It’s our manual to walk in this life with faith and not doubt. If you truly want to understand; God has it for you. Stop repeating things you’ve heard and search for the truth with all of your heart. God rewards those that diligently seek him. He has a life of abundance for you and he has a perfect plan and destiny for your life.

Disease is a distraction. It gets you off course. Don’t let that be your story. But even if it has happened, there is a way out. God is gracious and can help you get back on track. It’s not too late. As long as you have breath, God can turn your situation around.

More tomorrow. =)


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